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2019 Events

Doubletree Newbury North 03-06 May (3ngts)
Theobalds Estate, Endield 12-14 July


Doubletree Newbury North 23-26 August (3ngts)
Doubletree Newbury North 01-03 November
Theobalds Estate, Endield

29 Nov - 01 Dec



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Newbury 03-06 May

Theobalds Estate, Enfield 12-14 July

Newbury 23-26 August

Newbury 01-03 November

Theobalds Estate, Rnfield 29 November - 01 December

Loyalty Rewards Launch

I am sure you have all noticed, at your own bridge clubs, Regional and National events, the decrease over the years, of the number of tables in play.  We are all getting older and there seem to be fewer and fewer new players, especially the younger blood, taking an interest in our wonderful game of bridge.  Something really has to be done soon as, otherwise, clubs will begin to close and weekends, such as our Best of Bridge events will become unsustainable.  All of us need to try and encourage our friends to take up the game as soon as possible and Best of Bridge is launching our Loyalty Rewards Scheme to get the ball rolling, if we can.

The scheme has four separate approaches.

1. Commencing with any of our Year End events, anyone who comes to three consecutive events will have a £20 discount on the third visit AND,if you continue to follow this with further consecutive events, each of these will also merit the £20 discount until the chain is broken, when you will have to start a new chain of three!

2. From January 2019, for anyone introducing a new player to Best of Bridge events, or bringing back someone who has not been to one of our weekends since December 2014, both players will receive a £10 discount for the event.

3. Any patron of Best of Bridge who has not been to a weekend since December 2014 will receive a welcome back discount for the first weekend.

4. Finally, but probably most importantly, anyone organising a group to participate in one of the Best of Bridge weekends of 16 or more will receive a £50 discount and there will be special prizes awarded to the best players in the group who have not featured in any of the weekend’s prize lists.


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